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The Three Amigos

Jackson Johnson Nattiel
The Three Amigos story started in 1987 when Ricky Nattiel Joined the Broncos and the other 2 Amigos, Vance Jonhson ( Vance's 3rd season) and Mark Jackson (Mark's 2nd season). The Broncos drafted these men when Steve Watson started slowing down, All three possesed speed and made a dangerous combination, one of the best in the NFL. With the Broncos making the Super Bowl again, and with all the hype, the popular trio got the nickname "The 3 Amigos"
The "Vance" was the best of the 3, drafted in 1985 out of Arizona. #82 led the Broncos in receiving from 87-89, with 76 catches and 1095 yards in '89, while also returning punts. Until Shannon Sharpe, he was Elway's favorite target. Injuries slowed and ended his career. He suffering a fractured ankle in '93. Unfortunately, Vance is probably more remembered for his off the field problems.
Mark Jackson arrived in 1986, being drafted out of Purdue. Jackson became the second receiver behind Johnson grabbing 57 passes for 926 yards in 1990, and a then record 8 touchdowns from Elway in 1992. #80 will be most remebered for making the rolling catch in the endzone to completing "The Drive" and sending the 1986 AFC Champinship game into overtime. When Dan Reeves was fired at the end of '92, Jackson followed him to the Giants, then ending his career with the Colts.
Ricky Nattiel was drafted with the Broncos first pick in '87 from Florida. #84's career started out great, averaging 20.3 yards per catch as a rookie on 31 catches for 630 yards and capping the year with a 56 yard touchdown catch on the Broncos first play from scrimmage in Super Bowl XXII. After a solid 2nd year, Nattiel's career turned for the worse when a cracked kneecap that led to a screw being put in his leg and tendonitus setting in. He was traded to Tampa Bay in '92, where he was released and then returned to the Broncos wearing #81 (Sharpe got 84) where he played 4 more games, then eventually retired.