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Elway Stats

John Elway Facts:

Full Name: John Albert Elway

Height: 6-3
Weight: 215
Born: June 28, 1960
Birthplace: Port Angeles, Washington
Resides: Englewood, Colorado
High School: Granada Hills (Los Angeles, Calif.)
College: Stanford (degree in economics, 1983)


  • Father: Jack Elway

  • Mother: Jan Elway

  • Sisters: Jana Elway-Sever, Lee Ann McCarthy

  • Wife: Janet Elway

  • Children:

    Jessica Gwen, born: 10/17/85
    Jordan Marie, born: 6/1/87
    Jack, born: 8/11/89
    Juliana, born: 3/7/91


High School:

  • Elway completed 60% of all passes thrown, for 5,711 yards and 49 touchdowns

  • John completed 129 out of 200 passes for 1,837 yards and 19 TD's in his senior year

  • During his summers, he threw up to 300 passes per day.

  • After a practice, Elway and some teammates headed to the 35-yard line, where they took turns trying to strike an upright with a pass. Elway hurled two perfect strikes.

  • Math was his favorite high school subject.

  • Coming out of Granada Hills High, Elway was the most highly recruited athlete in 1979. Not only did he excel in football, he was also highly sought after in baseball.

  • In baseball, Elway led his team to the Los Angles Championships with a .91 batting average and a 4 and 2 pitching record.

  • Right out of high school, Elway signed a letter of intent with Stanford University, but the Kansas City Royals selected him in the '79 summer draft anyway.



  • Elway completed 62.1 percent of his career passes (774 of 1,243, both NCAA highs) for 9,349 yards and 77 touchdowns.

  • He set an NCAA record for the lowest percentage of passes intercepted in a career (3.13 percent).

  • Elway was a consensus All-American and finished second in Heisman Trophy balloting while setting virtually every Pac-10 and Stanford career record for total offense and passing.

  • John concluded his college career with five major NCAA Division 1-A records and nine major Pac-10 marks.

  • When Stanford's punter skipped a practice, Elway filled in by "throwing" punts that sailed as high as real ones.

  • In a little more than a half, Elway completed 15 of 20 passes for 245 yards and three TDs during Stanford's 63-9 win over Oregon State.

  • He hit .349 with nine homers and 50 RBIs in 49 games in his final college baseball season as a sophomore.

  • New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner signed Elway in the fall of his junior year with a $150,000 bonus.

  • Elway played baseball for the New York Yankees' Oneonta single-A farm club in 1982, hitting a .318 average and knocking in a team-high 24 runs with no errors in 42 games.

  • He was the Yankees' first selection in the 1981 summer draft.

  • Elway won the Offensive MVP honors in the East/West Shrine Game, where his father, Jack Elway, was the head coach for the West.

  • He was on the losing end of the infamous game against California in which the Stanford band charged the field, allowing the Bears to return a kickoff all the way as time ran out.

  • Elway graduated from Stanford with a degree in economics and a 3.0 GPA.



  • Elway receives about 40,000 autograph requests a year.

  • In his first football game, Elway ran for six touchdowns in the first half. He was in the fourth grade.

  • As a ninth-grader, Elway caught the eye of Cougars coach George Raveling at Washington State's basketball camp. George said if John was going into football, he was going into the wrong sport.

  • Before Super Bowl XXI, Raveling fired off a telegram to Elway: "Dear Shotgun: I still think you should've played basketball."

  • Jack Elway had to convince his son to play quarterback instead of halfback during John's Pop Warner days.

  • After his disastrous rookie season, Elway headed back to California, where he married Janet, who said he was so dejected he even mentioned quitting the NFL.

  • Janet set an American record of 4:52.95 for the 400-meter individual medley in a 25-meter pool during her junior year of high school in Tacoma, Wash.

  • Elway has been playing without an anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. He completely tore the ligament while making a cut during a high school football game.

  • He could bench-press 275 pounds four times, which is the equivalent of lifting 350 pounds once.

  • In 1987, following threats on Elway's life, 12 police officers were stationed behind Denver's bench. Seven accompanied him off the field.

  • In 1996, Elway and Jeff Hostetler chatted on the Internet in preparation for a Monday night game. Reeves was on their minds, even in cyberspace: "Preparing for you this weekend, our defense decided to bring in Dan Reeves as a consultant," said Hostetler, who didn't re-sign with the Giants after Reeves became coach in 1993. "We figure he did such a good job of holding you down before, he could do it again."

  • One of Elway's favorite authors: Tom Clancy.

  • His favorite golfer: Greg Norman.

  • His favorite actors: John Wayne and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

  • Elway puts a lot of time into his charity, The Elway Foundation, which he started in 1987.