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Sept 4@ St. Louis36-410-1Tot Yrd 424-513 RYrd 150-80 PYrd274-433 Gries 19-29-307-2Td, 4-28-Td, 4Sk-33 McC 7-115-16.4-35lg RS 3-88-29.3-47lg-Td TD,1att-8 TD 9-34-3.8-12lg Gary 13-80-6.2-25lg, 3-10 Cars 2-27-18lg Grif 1-0, 2-22 Cham 1-38 Clark 1-7 Rouen 2-89-58lg, 1 In20 Elam 3/3Fg(32,38,38),3/3 Xp, 12pts EB 14t,St Crock 5 Romo 5, Sk-6 Jenk 4 Spenc, Gold, 3 TBuck 2,INT-32-Td, 2Pd Cad, Tray, 2 Pitt 2, Sk-2 Wils 2, 2INT-1, 2Pd Pryc, Tan, 1 Cham,Pound, DS, St Ken 2St O'Nl 5 kr-98-26lg,1fc, 2St
Sept 10Atlanta42-141-1Tot Yrd 40-186 RYrd 152-47 PYrd 255-139 And 31-131-4.2-20lg-2Td,1-18 RS 7-117-16.7-37lg-2Td Gries 20-33-268-3Td,1-0,2Sk-13 Cars 5-54-10.8-15lg Brook 2-46-25lg Clark 2-17-11lg Grif 2rec-11 McC 1-5 KCol 7-21-9lg Rouen 5-217-43.4-tb-1in20-60lg Elam 2/2fg, 4/4xp, 10pts O'Nl kr-21,3pr-33-28lg Cole kr-17 TBuck 1fc,5t Mob 8t,pd Jenk 7,FF,st Pryc 3, 2Sk-15,2pd,FF Tan 3, Sk-0,FR Crock 2, 2pd EB 2,Sk-8 Romo 2,FR Has 1,Sk-1,FF Reag 1,Sk-1Cad, Lod, 1 Spenc 1,pd Pound 3st Cog 2st Clark, Rouen, Russ, st DS st, FF Gold stFR
Sept 17 @ Raiders 33-24 2-1 Tot Yrd 387-263 RYrd 182-123 PYrd 205-140 And 32-187-5.8-29, 1-2 Gries 21-31-213-2Td,5-(-5), 35lg, 2sk-8 McC 7-92-13.1-35-Td RS 7-63-9.0-11 Clark 2-22-17lg Car 2-17, 10lg, kr-0 Grif 1-0,2-17-Td, 16lg Col 3-84-37lg BMil Kr-13